Dr Erica Glasper

Ohio State University, USA

Research Focus

Our brains are plastic and respond to the ever-changing world around us. How do experiences change the structure and functions of our brains? Why do some experiences enhance neural function while others limit functioning? The Glasper Lab studies the benefits of rewarding experiences, like paternal care and mating, and the negative consequences of stressors on both the structure and function of the brain. Our research resides in the intersections of many disciplines, including behavioral neuroendocrinology, psychoneuroimmunology, and behavioral genetics. Collectively, the Glasper Lab’s research focus is to elucidate the effects of experience- and hormone-driven alterations in the brain and periphery, with a view toward understanding functional relevance in health and disease


The Glasper Lab takes a multidisciplinary approach, using a combination of behavioral paradigms along with neuroendocrine, neuroanatomical, neuroimmune, neurochemical, and pharmacological techniques to study the effects of experiences on neuronal plasticity.